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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost and Membership

What does a Puttytribe membership cost?

I can’t pay for a membership right now. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

Do I have to sign a contract when I join? Can I suspend or cancel my membership at any time?

Why don't you accept PayPal, Amazon Payments, or any other payment hubs besides Stripe?

How to Join

Why do I have to wait to join until you “open the doors for 48 hours”?

Why do you allow only 75 new members for each new member period?

Darn it! I missed the chance to join during the last new member window. When will my next chance be?

Members / Fitting In

Are there current members who live near me or are in my age range?

Do I have to be fluent in English or conform to certain cultural values to fit in?

Will I get to connect with people who are fascinated by [insert interest here]?

Do I have to own a business or want to start a business to fit in?

I just realized I’m a multipotentialite/I’ve been a multipotentialite for decades. Is it too early/late in my multipod journey to find the right people inside the Tribe?

Data and Privacy

Can I be anonymous or have a pseudonym?​

​What's your data and privacy bottom line?

What does some of the stuff in your Terms of Service mean in plain language?​

The Other Stuff

What kind of hardware or software do I need to participate in the community?

Is Emilie Wapnick active in the Puttytribe? Will I be able to interact with her or get her direct feedback on my career/project/interest?

Isn’t the Puttytribe just another distraction or potential source of overwhelm among all the others I already have?

I purchased a new membership or reactivated an old membership and I can't access what I expect. What should I do?

The Puttytribe doors open again on ​June 23 for only 48 hours or 75 new members – whichever comes first. Just click on the button below to get notified the instant we invite new members to join.

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